In cooperation with SAPA/NAMC
Cape Town, Radisson Blu, Waterfront 


19th November 2013

08.00 am Registration
10.00 am Official opening and welcome
Mr Gerhard Wagner, EPC President
10.15 am Welcome to South Africa
Peter Mulder (MP), Deputy Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries, SA (requested)
Ronald Ramabulana, CEO NAMC
11.00 am The General conditions of Poultry and Egg Production in South Africa
Mr Kevin Lovell, CEO SAPA, (South African Poultry Association), South Africa
11.30 am How is the Rainbow Company facing current and future challenges of business environment in the poultry sector
Bonga Mavume, Director Rainbow Company, SA
01.00 pm Lunch
02.00 pm Analysis of the South African Poultry Food System
Mr Christo Joubert, Senior Researcher, NAMC S.A.
02.30 pm Overview on European Layer Market – some challenges
Javier Ramirez, MD Lohmann Tierzucht, Germany
03.00 pm The SA Poultry Feed Industry: Overview and challenges
Loutjie Dunn, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, AFMA (Animal Feed Manufacturers Association)
Moderator: Dr. Lothar Hövelmann, EPC board member
05.30 pm End of the conference
08.00 pm Gala-Dinner with Club members and South African representatives from the government, SAPA/NAMC and the poultry industry
After Dinner Speech:
What it is like to have lived and worked in South Africa before and after apartheid Fathima Dada; CEO, Pearson South Africa