EPC Congress in South Africa/Cape Town

In cooperation with SAPA/NAMC

18th November – 22th November 2013

18th November 2013
Radisson Blu, Waterfront, Cape Town
06.00 pm EPC General Assembly (only for EPC-members)
08.00 pm Dinner at the hotel
19th November 2013
Radisson Blu, Waterfront, Cape Town
08.00 am – 05.00 pm International Poultry Conference
08.00 pm Gala Dinner in BAIA-restaurant, Waterfront
20th November 2013
10.00 am To County Fair Office
10.15 am Coffee
10.30 am Presentation of Astral
11.30 am Broiler Farm Visit
13.00 am Lunch (Bri on a Farm)
14.00 am Visit wine tasting on a winery nearby the broiler farm
16.00 am Return to the hotel
20.00 am Dinner in Cape Town, Two Oceans Aquarium, Waterfront
21st November 2013
08.00/08.30 am 1st bus: Collects guests from Radisson, departs to Worcester, (Partners will stay at the hotel)
09.30 -11.30 am Arrive in Worcester: group is devided in two –visit to Processing Plant and/or open Broiler site
11.30 am 2nd bus: Collects partners from Radisson, departs to Tokara Wine Estate (Stellenbosch)
12.30 pm All guests arrive at Tokara Wine Estate for wine tasting and lunch
16.00 pm All depart for Kirstenbosch
17.30/18.00 pm Arrive at Kirstenbosch for dinner at Moyo Restaurant
22.00 pm Guests back to Radisson hotel
22nd November 2013
09.00 am to 03.00 pm Sightseeing Cape Town