In cooperation with CEPA
Buenos Aires, Hilton, Puerto Madero (Room Pacara)


18th October 2011


10.00 am Official opening and welcome
Mr Gerhard Wagner, EPC President - Mr Roberto Domenech, CEPA President
10.30 am Poultry and Egg Production in South America – Consumer Behavior , Trends and Perspectives
Dr. A. Mendes, Brazilian Poultry Association, UBABEF, Brazil
11.00 am The current conditions of the Argentinian Broiler Market - Strategies in the poultry sector
Roberto Domenech,Centro Empresas Procesadoras Avicolas (Cepa), Argentina
02.00 pm The current conditions of the Argentinian Egg Market – Strategies in the egg sector
Santiago Perea, Ovopront International S.A.
02.30 pm Overview of the European Egg Market
Enno Herlyn, EW Group, Germany
03.00 pm Global Meat Market and effects on Argentina and Europe
Gordon Butland, Director, G&S Agriconsultants Co.Ltd
03.30 pm The Soybean Market and the Argentinian Potential of the world market
Guillermo Marseillan, MSU, Argentina
Panel discussion and conclusion
Moderator: Mr Graf von Drechsel, EPC board member
05.00 pm End of the conference
08.00 pm Gala-Dinner with Club members and Argentinian representatives from the government, CEPA and the poultry industry