International Poultry congress 2007 in Kiev

The EPC congress took place from 3rd to 5th July 2007 in Kiev


The European Poultry Club (EPC) held up the third international poultry congress in Ukraine from 3rd to 5th July 2007. The target was to intensify the dialogue between leading poultry branch enterprises from West Europe and Ukraine. The event started with the International Poultry Conference. The next day the excursion for the poultry meat producers went to Complex Agromars near Kiev and the egg producer’s excursion followed the invitation to ZAT Agrofira Berezanskaya Ptakhafabrika. The international Poultry Management Conference on 3 July 2007 in Kiev focussed economic and production-specific aspects of present and future egg and poultry production in ukraine.




Tuesday, 03-07-2007


New EPC board (Board member K. Pazgan was absent)
International Poultry Management Conference "Poultry and Egg Production in Ukraine"



Wednesday 04-07-07 Excursions: Poultry meat excursion





Compley Agromars - Egg excursion





Wednesday 04-07-07 (Invitation in the German Embassy)




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Opening and Welcome: EPC president G. Wagner
Perspectives for the Ukrainian egg and poultry industry: Mr. Verbitski, Vice Minister of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine
Current trends and challenges in poultry production and markets: G. Butland, President, Global Poultry Strategies, Thailand
Growth strategies for poultry entrepreneurs: A. Gawrilow, Ramburs, Ukraine
P.H. Wesjohann, Avec-President, Germany
Outlook and Conclusion: L. Kozachenko, President UAC, Ukraine